RUMOR: the next PlayStation presentation will include a “big surprise”

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Sony did not participate in E3 2021, but that does not mean that it does not have surprises in store for PlayStation users. In recent days, rumors have circulated an upcoming State of Play and apparently there the Japanese company will reveal a “big surprise”.

Although in 2021 PlayStation already organized some State of Play, none have had a general purpose, but have been dedicated to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Y Horizon: Forbidden West. Of course, fans have been expecting surprises and apparently they won’t have to wait long for one.

Unofficial information from a successful whistleblower indicates that we are just weeks away from Sony making a presentation and recently also whistleblower and Xbox co-founder Era Shpeshal_Nick reinforced this rumor.

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PlayStation would be preparing a big surprise

According to the informant, he does not know how much will be leaked from the presentation that Sony is preparing, but he said that there is a “big surprise” that has not yet been leaked and, as regards it, apparently it is something that will please to the followers of the brand and will give a lot to talk about. Of course, the informant did not reveal what surprise he was referring to.

A few days ago it was leaked that Sucker Punch Productions will launch a standalone expansion of Ghost of Tsushima, which will likely be announced at the event. While this is a surprise, it is not the “big surprise” Shpeshal_Nick talks about.

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Also, this informant already anticipated that PlayStation will show the first gameplay of the new God of War at the event, but apparently the “big surprise” remains undisclosed. According to Navtra, Final Fantasy XVI I would also be at the event.

Although more and more sources indicate that PlayStation is preparing a new presentation, Sony has not confirmed anything, so we recommend taking this information as something unofficial. We will keep you informed.

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Do you think Sony prepares a next State of Play? What big surprise do you think Shpeshal_Nick is talking about? Tell us in the comments.

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