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Russia Accused of Stealing Deadly Substance from Chernobyl . Research Laboratory

KYIV, KOMPAS.com – Russian troops occupying the Chernobyl nuclear plant stole a radioactive substance from a research laboratory that could potentially kill them, the Ukrainian Exclusion Zone Management Agency said on Sunday (10/4/2022).

Moscow troops seize the dead nuclear power plant on the first day of their invasion of Ukraine, February 24.

They occupied the highly radioactive zone for more than a month, before retreating on March 31.

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The Ukrainian Exclusion Zone Management said on Facebook that Russian troops looted two laboratories in the area.

It said Russia entered the storage area of ​​the Ecocentre research base and stole 133 highly radioactive substances.

“A fraction of these activities are lethal if handled unprofessionally,” the agency said AFP on Sunday (10/4/2022).

Earlier this week, Ukrainian Energy Minister German Gulashchenko said Russian soldiers were exposed to “shocking” amounts of nuclear radiation.

Some of them, he said, may only have less than a year to live.

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“They dug up radiation-contaminated vacant land, collected radioactive sand in bags for fortifications, inhaled this dust,” Gulashchenko said on Facebook Friday after visiting the exclusion zone.

“After a month of exposure like that, they have a maximum life of one year. More precisely, not living but dying slowly from disease,” the minister said.

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