Friday, 19 Oct 2018

Russia continues to shape the history of the Helsinki Summit

Russia provided additional details Friday, what it said were agreements made at the presidential summit in Helsinki this week, forming a narrative of meeting without confirmation or alternative review by the Trump administration.

Not surprisingly, Russian history The line tended to favor the Kremlin's own policies and sometimes contradicted the declared administrative strategy.

Russia has already sent formal proposals for joint US-Russian efforts to finance the rebuilding of war-torn Syria to Washington, and the return of millions of people to Syrians facilitated by the "agreements" that President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin General Mikhail Mizintsev, the three-star head of the National Defense Center of Russia, said on Friday. At a joint meeting of Defense and Defense planners, Moscow said that Russia had already started work locally. Englisch:…80&Itemid=58 […] Areas, but additional resources and international coordination are necessary.

Russia's US ambassador Anatoly Antonov said separately that Syria had been the main theme in the Trump-Putin talks, along with "eliminating the concerns the US has with regard to the well-known allegations of alleged interference in the elections . "

Administrative officials have repeatedly said in the past that no reconstruction aid from the US or Europe will flow into any part of Syria under growing control by Russia. President Bashar al-Assad

On Russia's claims that Agreements were reached, a spokesman for the National Security Council said: "As President Trump said, both sides agreed that their National Security Council staff will follow the Presidents' meetings and these discussions are under way." There were no pledges to take concrete action except that both sides should continue their deliberations. "

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