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Russia Doesn’t Want to Attack Ukraine? These are Facts on the Ground that Ukraine Revealed All

KIEV, KOMPAS.com – Russia has recently held security talks with the United States (US) and NATO.

The talks were conducted in two rounds. The Ukraine-NATO Commission session was held in Brussels, Belgium. Meanwhile, talks between the United States (US) and Russia delegations were held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba responded to these diplomatic contacts with Russia in Europe.

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He said Ukraine welcomes the unwavering unity shown by the US, NATO and the European Union (EU) in rejecting Russia’s illegitimate demands.

Kuleba said Russia’s attempts to use its veto power in Ukraine undermined Ukraine’s sovereignty and right to aspire to become a member of NATO which cannot be the subject of negotiations between third parties.

“Neither our country nor our partners will ever cross this red line,” he said in a written statement sent by the Ukrainian Embassy to Indonesia to Kompas.com, Friday (14/1/2022).

Kuleba sees the West as having rejected Russia’s demands to limit the scope of practical military cooperation between NATO and its partners.

Russia has been told that its attempts to unilaterally shape the security architecture in Europe and create zones of influence, reminiscent of the Cold War, are unacceptable.

Kuleba said Ukraine hopes to further develop its relations with NATO, including in terms of reforming its security and defense sectors, and strengthening its ability to defend itself against Russian aggression.

“The NATO summit in Madrid set for June should strengthen the alliance’s commitment to upholding its fundamental principles, including an open door policy,” he said.

Kuleba said Ukraine would continue to work together to build on the momentum provided by the 2008 Bucharest summit decision.

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“No decision is made about Ukraine without Ukraine”

Kulbe sees the second major outcome of the week of diplomacy in Europe is that the international community has reaffirmed that no decisions will be made regarding Ukraine without Ukraine.

“This destroys Russia’s hopes of making arrangements with the US while other stakeholders are sidelined. There can be no security in Europe without security in Ukraine. Any discussion of security in Europe must include the EU and Ukraine,” he said.

He highly appreciated that the Ukrainian partners had been in close contact with Ukraine both before and during the implementation of diplomatic contacts with Russia this week.

Therefore, Ukraine does not feel abandoned.

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Facts behind claiming Russia has no plans to attack Ukraine

Kuleba was responding to a statement by a Russian official who said that Russia had no plans to attack Ukraine again.

He said the statement was a misleading statement.

“Statements by Russian officials that Russia has no plans to attack Ukraine again should not mislead the international community,” Kuleba said.

The reason is that the facts speak for themselves that Russia in fact continues to strengthen its fleet of troops, tanks, artillery systems, air and naval units along the Ukrainian border and in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

He said 54 battalions of tactical groups had been deployed near Ukrainian territory.

This means more than 106,000 trained regular troops, 1,500 tanks, 3,600 armored fighting vehicles and 1,900 artillery pieces are ready to launch a major military operation.

“Russia was able to deploy more troops in a very short time or literally within days,” Kuleba said.

Not to mention, on Wednesday (12/1/2022), according to him, Russia had decided to carry out another military exercise on the Ukrainian border with around 3000 soldiers participating.

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“Of great concern are reports that Russia is also bringing its attack helicopters closer,” he said.

Kuleba hopes that the US, NATO and the EU should make every effort to ensure that Russia reduces the situation or tensions along the border, in the occupied parts of the Donbas, and including in Crime.

The consequences of Russia’s new invasion of Ukraine will be devastating for Europe.

There is an important need for decisive action to avoid the worst-case scenario.

“The international community needs to accelerate work on preparing a comprehensive package of measures to prevent Russia from further aggression. This includes political action, highly effective economic sanctions against Russia, and the transfer of defensive military equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” he said.

On the other hand, Ukraine, France and Germany will continue engagement with Russia to revive meaningful dialogue in the Normandy Format and Trilateral Contact Groups.

“We are ready to discuss with Russia all issues related to the peaceful resolution of conflicts either at the four-country level or at the bilateral level, including at the presidential level,” Kuleba said.

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