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Russia is militarizing the power plant area: tons of ammunition have been brought to Chernobyl [ZAPIS RELACJI] – Messages

Ukraine’s heroic resistance is a fight for the basic principles of a free society, said Joe BidenPhoto: PAP / Radek Pietruszka

The President of the USA, starting his speech on Saturday evening in the courtyard of the Royal Castle, referred to the words of John Paul II.

– “Do not be afraid” were the first words of the first public speech, the first Polish pope, after his election in 1978. These words defined the pontificate of John Paul II. Words that changed the world – said Joe Biden.

As he added, John Paul II brought to Warsaw during his first pilgrimage a message on “the strength of faith, the strength of resilience, the strength of people”.

– In the face of a brutal system of cruel rule, it was a message that helped end the Soviet oppression and liberate this land and all of Eastern Europe 30 years ago. It was a message that would overcome the cruelty and brutality of this unjust war, said the American president.

A long fight

– In the battle that is going on now, we will not win in days, months. We must prepare for a long struggle, warned the American leader. He stressed that “Ukraine’s heroic resistance is a fight for the basic principles of a free society.” – My message to Ukraine: We stand with you – he stressed.

00:26 withyou.mp3 Joe Biden: Ukrainians, we are with you! (IAR)

As he pointed out, “kevery generation has had to fight the enemies of democracy “, and” the appetites and ambitions of the few always want to impose their will on those of whom there are many. “

– Russia has crushed democracy today. Putin’s words that he is denazifying Ukraine are a cynical lie and an abomination, said Joe Biden. – NATO is a defensive alliance, it has never wanted Russia to collapse. Russia wanted violence from the beginning, he said.

The US president emphasized that American forces are in Europe to defend allies, not to attack Russia. – We have a sacred obligation, under Art. 5, defend every inch of NATO territory, he added.

00:20 joenato.mp3 Joe Biden: let the Russians not even think about attacking a NATO allied country (IAR)
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Russia’s strategic defeat

President Biden said the war with Ukraine is a strategic defeat for Russia. The Russian forces did not break the Ukrainian spirit, nor did they break NATO. “The world’s democracies are strengthened,” he stressed.

00:34 failure.mp3 Joe Biden: This War Is Russia’s Strategic Defeat (IAR)

Addressing the Russians, he said: “You are not our enemy”.

– I cannot believe that you are glad that children are being murdered. You must remember Leningrad. The Russian army is doing exactly the same in Ukraine. Putin’s aggression cut you off from the rest of the world, he said.

Putin’s Lies

“Russia wanted violence from the start,” said Joe Biden. He recalled the diplomatic efforts made to come to an understanding with Russia.

– We wanted diplomacy, we presented specific proposals to strengthen Europe’s security, increase its transparency, and build certainty on both sides – he said. “On the other hand, Putin and Russia rejected each of these proposals, using lies and ultimatums,” he added.

– We said: they will cross the border, they will cross this line, they will attack, we kept repeating it. And he (Putin) said: “no, we are not interested in war.” (…) He guaranteed that he would not enter Ukraine over and over again – reminded Joe Biden.

Painful sanctions

The seriousness of the threat requires a swift, dynamic, united and utterly overwhelming response from the West; imposing costs and sticking to one’s own is the only thing that can force Russia to change its mind, said the US President in Warsaw. He stressed that Europe must end its dependence on Russian fossil fuels, and the US will help in this.

– We struck together with sanctions to destroy Russia’s economy, their central bank is currently blocked, excluded from the global system, and the Kremlin has no access to the money it used to finance its war, we hit the very heart of the Russian economy, we stopped importing Russian energy – he said .

– Today, the United States has sanctioned 140 Russian oligarchs and family members. They were occupied by yachts, apartments, estates and estates. We have imposed a sanction on over 400 Russian officials, including key architects of this war. These officials, the oligarchs, benefited enormously from the corruption that the Kremlin allowed them to do, he said.

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A blow to the economy

He announced that “Russia’s economy at the moment, in the coming years, will be cut in half”.

– Before that, it was the 11th largest economy in the world, before this invasion. Soon it will not enter the top twenty – said the US president.

00:16 joe sanctions.mp3 Joe Biden on the collapse of the Russian economy (IAR)

He stressed that “economic sanctions taken together are a new kind of warfare and have the potential to actually rival military power.” “Right now, we’re draining Russia’s forces, preventing it from rotating, and reducing their ability to exercise power,” Biden said. He argued that “Vladimir Putin is responsible for all this”.

– At the same time, along with the economic sanctions, the Western world united to help Ukrainians – on the humanitarian, economic and military level. Even in the years before the invasion, we Americans sent over $ 650 million in aid, said the US President.

Humanitarian aid

Joe Biden, speaking on Saturday in the courtyard of the Royal Castle, assured that Ukrainians can count on the US to “fulfill its obligations”.

– Two days ago I said that we would accept 100,000. refugees from Ukraine. Eight thousand a week already come to the US. We will provide almost USD 300 million in aid, we will provide tens of thousands of tons of food, drinking water and other resources, he announced.

He recalled that in Brussels he announced that the US was ready to provide over a billion dollars in additional humanitarian aid. – The World Food Program says that we can deal with big problems, but at least some relief should go to the main cities in Ukraine – he stressed.

– But not to Melitopol, not to Mariupol, because Russian forces are blocking food transports. We are doing what we can to deliver this aid to where it is most needed in Ukraine and to those who left Ukraine, he said.

Poles’ generosity

During his speech at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Biden emphasized that during the meeting with the refugees, he saw tears in the eyes of mothers who tried to console their children. As he said, one little girl asked him in English what would happen to her brother and dad, if he would see them again.

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00:22 ucho1.mp3 Joe Biden on the generosity of Poles (IAR)

– No husbands, no fathers, no brothers and sisters who stayed there to fight. I didn’t have to speak their language to feel emotions, I saw these people pray in desperate hope that all this is temporary – said the US President.

He stressed that he was struck by the generosity of Varsovians and all Poles, “the depth of their compassion, the readiness to provide help, to open their hearts”.

00:10 ucho2.mp3 Joe Biden on the obligation to help refugees (IAR)

He also stressed that Mr.Helping refugees is not something that Poland should do alone and every democratic nation has a duty to help.


American president he came to Poland in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine that had been going on for over a month.

Joe Biden met with Andrzej Duda at the Presidential Palace on Saturday. After the talks between the Polish and US delegations, he thanked for the cooperation so far.

As Joe Biden emphasized – the USA and Poland share common values ​​- freedom and freedom of the media. He added that the experiences of two world wars show that stabilization in Europe is very important for the USA. The US President has indicated that Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty is a “sacred obligation”.

Joe Biden in Warsaw also talked with the ministers of defense and foreign affairs of Ukraine and met with refugees at the National Stadium.

The President of the United States began his visit to Poland on Friday. In Jasionka near Rzeszów, he met with soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division, as well as with representatives of organizations helping Ukrainian refugees. President Andrzej Duda took part in this meeting.

Joe Biden’s visit to Poland is the fourteenth in office of the US president in our country. According to plans, the visit will end on Saturday late afternoon.


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