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Russia says sanctions could bring down the International Space Station

Threats from Russia in space follow threats of nuclear retaliation. The director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced this Saturday, March 12 that the economic sanctions imposed on Russia could cause the fall of the ISS. Dmitry Rogozin therefore calls for the lifting of Western sanctions against his country.

According to him, these sanctions are a blow to the functioning of the Russian vessels which supply the ISS and in particular the Russian segment of the station which is used to correct the orbit of the space structure on average eleven times a year, including to avoid debris. spatial. As a result, this could cause “the ditching or landing of the ISS weighing 500 tons”, warns Dmitry Rogozin who regularly posts on social networks his support for the Russian army which invaded Ukraine.

The boss of Roscosmos even went further by posting on his Twitter account a map of the world where the station could fall. “The populations of other countries, especially those led by the “dogs of war” (the Westerners, editor’s note) should think about the price of sanctions against Roscosmos”he writes, referring to “crazy” those who imposed these sanctions on the Russian economy.

On March 1, NASA said it was working on solutions to keep the station in orbit without Russian help.

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