Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Russia: State blocks IP addresses – even Twitch affected

The Russian encrypted messenger service Telegram must release in his home country by court order the encryption for state investigators. However, since Telegram refuses to comply, Russia has blocked several million IP addresses in order to break telegram. Locking IP addresses also affects other services and sites, including Twitch.

In Russia, mass blocking of IP addresses by the state has apparently also led to IP addresses being affected by Amazon and Google. As a result, the popular gamer streaming service Twitch is apparently no longer or hardly reachable in Russia. This also reports the website polygon , Background of the lock is that the state of the messenger service Telegram calls to release the encryption of the messages. A court had even ordered this. In order to block telegram, Russia has now apparently included about 20 million IP addresses in the campaign, which include addresses of Google and Amazon as well as Twitch services.

The reason for the cancellation of the Telegram encryption is that even criminals to terrorists can use the encrypted messenger in order to exchange information unnoticed – Telegram must therefore cooperate. Telegram refuses to do so because the service is intended to protect people from being able to read messages from outsiders. The encryption is important for a free and carefree freedom of expression with discussions and message exchange, without consequences threatening for the user. Telegram is worried that the state is not just looking for real criminals and terrorists, but also ordinary users who only make unpleasant comments from the government’s point of view.

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