Russia-Ukraine Border Crisis: US withdraws decision to send warships to the Black Sea | US cancels warship deployment in the Black Sea

Paris: Russia – Ukraine (Russia – Ukraine) The United States withdrew its decision to send two warships to the Black Sea amid escalating border disputes. Officials in Ukraine released the information on Wednesday. The United States is scheduled to launch its first warship in the Black Sea on Wednesday, according to reports. But the decision was later reversed.

But no information has been received yet that this has been postponed to another date. Last week, the U.S. (US) Turkey announces permission for warships to reach the Black Sea. Turkey has said it will remain in the Black Sea until May 4. However, no further details are available on whether the decision was overturned or postponed.

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United States (America) There were rumors that the US had decided to send warships to the Black Sea to send a clear message to Russia that it was closely monitoring the situation.

Before World War II (World War) Military observers in Europe have warned that it is only four weeks away. These observers have warned that the border dispute between Russia and Ukraine could lead to the next world war.

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Ukraine (Ukraine) Russia has provocatively deployed about 4,000 troops on the border to discuss the next war. Russia’s military observer, Paul Felgenhour, has warned that a month – long world war could erupt if the current situation continues.

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Russia’s (last week)Russia) The move was opposed by the Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine, Ruslan Khomchak. He said Russia was trying to create problems by stepping up troops near the Ukrainian border. Ukraine has accused Russia of taking a provocative stance.

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