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Russia turned out to be one of the most conservative among developed countries – such data was shown by a sociological survey completed in December by the research holding “Romir” and the international community of research companies GlobalNR. 71% of Russians surveyed believe that traditional gender roles for boys and girls are best suited to society, the highest after China. At the same time, in Russia they least of all agree with the right of same-sex couples to marry and have the most negative attitude to the idea of ​​skirts for men.

Experts of the two companies studied the opinions of residents of several leading and at the same time most populated countries of the world: Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, USA, Thailand, South Korea. A total of 7100 people were interviewed, 800 of them in Russia.

Participants first research asked to comment on the statement “Traditional Gender Roles for Boys and Girls Are Best for Society”:

  1. In China, this thesis was supported by 82% of respondents,
  2. in Russia – 71%,
  3. in India – 69%,
  4. in Thailand – 46%,
  5. in the USA – 47%.

Germany (24%) and Korea (16%) agree with this statement least of all.

It is curious that Russian women more often than men agreed with this statement (73% and 68%), and married people more often than single people (77% and 61%). Among childless Russians, the statement was supported by 67%, with children – 79%; 76% with higher education and 63% without higher education.

“We are witnessing that rare case when Russians are knocked out of the image of an average earthling and show their unwillingness to compromise or a principled orthodox position,” said the president of “Romir”, Doctor of Sociology Andrei Milekhin, in an interview with Kommersant. the top three are China and India, which are also centers of civilization based on traditions, basic values ​​and conservative views. “

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Results on other questions are also interesting. So, with the opinion that women are not allowed to work agree:

  • in Russia – 18% (and this is the highest indicator among other responding countries),
  • in Italy, 8% think so,
  • in the USA – 7%,
  • in China – 5%,
  • in the UK – 3%.

Russia also turned out to be one of the most vulnerable countries in attitude towards transgender people… Their very existence offends 43% of Russians, while in Germany 20% answered so, in Thailand 15%, in the USA and Brazil – only 10% each.

Only 13% of Russians surveyed believe that same-sex couples must be eligible to marry… This is the lowest.

  • In the UK, 70% of citizens support this right,
  • in Germany – 69%,
  • in India 63%,
  • in the USA – 59%.

Once again, Russia was on the bottom line when answering the question, is it permissible for men to wear skirts… Only 12% of those surveyed agreed with this possibility. Most of all, this clothing option is approved by residents of India (55%) and the UK (51%). 45% of Brazilians, 45% of Germans, 41% of Americans surveyed, 29% each – Koreans and Thais, 28% of Chinese are calm about this.

80% of Indians agree that women should be more present in positions of directors of companies and organizations… This opinion is supported by 79% of Brazilians, 63% of Americans and British, 57% of Germans – and only 33% of Russians. But in the question equal salary for men and women Russia was in third place (82%), slightly behind Brazil (95%) and the United States (84%). In this matter, Italy stood out from the general mass: there only 33% of the population stood for equality in income.

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At the same time, 34% of Russians believe that the salaries of men and women in their country are the same.

“By most of the relevant indicators, we are average earthlings,” Andrei Milekhin shared his conclusions with Kommersant. “But in some worldview and value positions, we are much more conservative than representatives of the same Anglo-Saxon world.” At the same time, Mr. Milekhin believes that “Russians have tendencies towards changes”: “We are a younger country than many technologically advanced countries. But generation Z – our children born after 2000 in prosperous families in the megalopolises of Russia – have caught up in all respects, are comparable and in some way surpass their peers in the same megalopolises – New York, Paris, London. “

“The image of Russia that this study shows is a completely predictable result, given that over the past 15 years the Russian state has been actively promoting conservative traditional values,” says lawyer Mari Davtyan. “In the international arena, Russia is trying to look like the last state in the Council Europe, adhering to conservative worldview values. That is why we do not have progressive laws, including, for example, the law against domestic violence. It does not fit into conservative values, because conservatism presupposes hierarchy and power, and the possibility of violence is what keeps and legitimizes such power. “

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