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Russian tourists buy tours in one direction to the sea. Tour operators recorded a sharp increase in demand for permits in Sochi. It is reported by ATOR (Association of Russian Tour Operators).

According to experts, requests for vacations in the region instantly increased after June 21, when quarantine restrictions imposed against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic were lifted in the Krasnodar Territory. Most tourists book arrivals in July, but the number of applications for the entire summer season is growing.

According to experts, the number of sales of tours exceeds the figures for the same period in 2019. Experts believe that if holidays abroad will still be inaccessible to Russians, the growth in demand for tours in Sochi will continue.

The surge in popularity of the resort is due to the opening of accommodation facilities of different capacities, objects of tourist shows, restaurants, as well as the abolition of new rules upon arrival at local sanatoriums.

Recall, earlier, Rambler reported that tourists are not allowed on the resorts of Sochi.
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