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Russia’s Black Sea fleet is in danger after the Ukrainian offensive


Britain’s Ministry of Defense says Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is in danger after Russia’s attack on the port of Novorossiysk. Photo/REUTERS

LONDON – The British Ministry of Defense said the Black Sea Fleet Russia now in danger after military Ukraine attack the port of Novorossiysk in Krasnodar.

In its daily intelligence update on the Ukrainian war, the ministry discussed the apparent attack on Novorossiysk that was reported by various Ukrainian and Russian media on November 18, 2022.

Local publications reported that the attack took place at an oil terminal in the port of Novorossiysk on Russia’s Black Sea coast, near the main base of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

A ministry intelligence report last September said Moscow’s military was forced to move its Black Sea Fleet from the Crimean Peninsula to Novorossiysk in the Krasnodar region following a Ukrainian incursion deep into the peninsula.

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Britain’s Ministry of Defense said Monday that Russian commanders were likely to be concerned about the threat to the Novorossiysk-based amphibious landing fleet.

“These ships are relatively vulnerable without escort and have taken on a more important role in supplying Russian troops to Ukraine since the Kerch bridge was damaged in October,” the British Ministry of Defense intelligence update note said, as quoted. NewsweekTuesday (22/11/2022).

That was in reference to last month’s explosion that caused a partial collapse of the main bridge connecting Russia to Crimea. The attack damaged an important supply line for Russian forces. Ukrainian officials celebrated the explosion but did not claim responsibility.

The UK Ministry of Defense intelligence update notes that although the full details of the Novorossiysk incident have not yet emerged, any demonstration of Ukraine’s ability to threaten Novorossiysk is likely to represent another strategic challenge for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

The ministry added: “It will also further weaken Russia’s already declining maritime influence in the Black Sea.

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