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Ryanair chief: Michael O’Leary makes racist proposal for airport controls

Michael O’Leary is known for his pithy sayings, his rigid budget price and his controversial employment policy, But this time the boss of the Irish low-cost airline appears Ryanair being overshot.

O’Leary spoke in an interview with the British “Times” for itto subject Muslim men to stricter security checks before departure than other passengers. “Who are the bombers? They’ll be single men traveling alone,” said O’Leary. “You can’t say anything because that’s considered racist, but generally it will be men of Muslim faith.”

Muslim men, on the other hand, are generally not a danger when accompanied by their family, says the company boss, who is known for his polarizing statements. The risk that they would blow themselves up with their children is zero. His comments promptly met with sharp criticism.

As you can see the religion of people, O’Leary did not say explicitly. However, he advocated profiling. On the basis of stereotypes and external characteristics, people are classified as suspicious and checked.

The Cologne police faced the accusation of “racist profiling” last year after they had stopped and searched several young men – they were mistakenly suspected of terrorism when, at the end of Ramadan, they walked into Cologne Central Station with long robes and after Witness statements called “Allahu Akbar”.

Reference to Hanau

The Council of Muslims in Britain described O’Leary’s statements as “racist and discriminatory”. It is a shame that the head of an airline speaks out against Islamophobia so openly and shamelessly, said a spokeswoman. According to the organization Tell Mama, which registers anti-Islam incidents and helps victims, O’Leary could harm his own business with such words.

Labor MP Khalid Mahmood also condemned the proposals and referred to the bloodbath in Hanau by a German. “Should we now profil white people to see if they’re fascists?” The Times quoted the politician.

The SPD politician and Berlin State Secretary Sawsan Chebli wrote on the short message service Twitter: “THIS is anti-Muslim racism. THAT is nutrient for hatred and agitation against and attacks on Muslims. This is poison for our democracy.”

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