Saab’s arrest in Cape Verde is “unfair” and “inhumane”, says his wife

The wife of the Colombian businessman Alex Saab, alleged front man of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has denounced his “unjust” and “inhumane” detention in Cape Verde, where he is arrested at the request of the United States, which claims him for alleged money laundering crimes.

Italian model Camilla Fabbri does the complaint in a letter received by her husband in the Cape Verdean prison, where he has been in preventive detention since June 14, on the occasion of the 49 years that the businessman will serve next Monday.

“Birthdays are moments of celebration, but this year it won’t be the same, we will not be able to do it because we know that you are suffering a lot“Fabbri says in the handwritten letter, to which Efe had access.

“All this is so unfair and it destroys us to think of so much pain that they have caused you unjustly,” writes the wife, who speaks on behalf of her and her two daughters, Mariam and Charlie.

The model declares herself “very concerned” about the employer’s health. “Especially since Cape Verde is ignoring the seriousness of your illness“, apostille.

“I never imagined that Cape Verde, a country that presents itself as a model of decency and democracy, could treat you in such an inhumane way. You have been involved in a political game in which you have had no part,” he emphasizes.

“How is it possible that they have not respected the law?Fabbri wonders.

The 26-year-old model also expresses her wish that “allow us to enter the country and not be denied entry, as they have done with our lawyers “, several of whom the Cape Verdean authorities this year prevented access to this West African island nation.

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“Everyone is fighting for you to see justice done. We will never give up. Happy birthday, love! I love you very much”, concludes the letter from Fabbri, who made headlines in November last year after the Italian Justice confiscated, among other assets, a luxurious property in Rome linked to her and Saab.

The text was released a day after the attorney general of Cape Verde, Luis José Landim, confirm that your country has no obligation to comply with the order of an African court to place the Colombian businessman under house arrest.

Landim referred to the decision of the Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), to which Cape Verde belongs.

The Court of Justice, based in Abuja, Nigeria, ruled on November 30 that the African country you must immediately put Saab under house arrest.

The businessman alleges health problems that require the care of a doctor outside the prison in which they are being heldTherefore, the ECOWAS Court requested that he be granted home detention to have access to his family, doctors and lawyers.

However, Landim assured this Friday, after meeting with Cape Verdean President Jorge Carlos Fonseca, that your country has not ratified the protocol granting jurisdiction to the court in human rights cases.

The ECOWAS Court also admitted Saab’s status as a “special envoy” of Venezuela (who maintains that he is a Venezuelan citizen), an argument used by the defense to allege that his arrest it is illegal because “he had the right to personal inviolability.”

Saab was arrested on June 12, when his plane made a stopover to refuel at the Amilcar Cabral International Airport on the Cape Verdean island of Sal (North), following a request from the US through Interpol for alleged money laundering.

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The Government and a Cape Verdean court have approved the extradition of Saab to the United States, Although the defense has appealed against the decision of that court before the Supreme Court of Justice


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