Sad Gott: The turning point with Ivana and regret because of Slavík

Family relationships Karla Gotta († 80) were never ideal. According to what we see, the biggest problems were experienced by the singer with his daughter Dominika, who unfortunately did not get on the note with his fateful wife Ivana. When did the relationship between his “girls” start to sharpen? “Ivana considers me a black sheep of the whole family, she didn’t mind that I embarrassed my father, but it looked promising on the cart. She said it was incredible how I got together to praise me. And that it’s a pity Dad doesn’t see it…

I had a period of problems and she was annoyed that I was complaining about something. She said that when she has a problem, that she keeps it to herself and doesn’t burden others, that I worry about my dad with my problems, and it doesn’t do her any good. That’s when our relationship started to fall apart, “she said about the relationship with Ivana Dominika.

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Did she hurt Gott?

“Dad tried to avoid quarrels and contradictions. He said he was tired of the two of us doing it… Our relationship was great until I was in big trouble. He told me that I was aggravating his health and that he was very sick after calling me, “admitted the eldest daughter of the legendary singer, who is still struggling with herself.

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