Sad News, Former Minister Died in Detention – Sad news, a former minister died in detention. The former Venezuelan defense minister, Raul Baduel, has died after testing positive for Covid-19.

“We regret the death of Raul Isaias Baduel due to heart-respiratory failure, due to Covid-19, despite having received the first dose of vaccine,” said Attorney General Tarek Saab via his Twitter account, Tuesday (12/10).

Based on a Reuters report, it is not yet known whether Baduel was hospitalized or in prison when he died.

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However, news circulated that the former minister who was arrested in 2009 died in prison.

Baduel was arrested on corruption charges after falling out with the Socialist Party. was later jailed in 2017 for allegedly conspiring against Maduro.

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Baduel’s death prompted human rights groups to blame the government. They accused the government of neglecting the health of every prisoner.

“With the death of Raul Isaias Baduel, ten political prisoners have died in detention,” said human rights activist Gonzalo Himiob on Twitter.

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“The responsibility for the life and health of every prisoner rests with the state,” he concluded.

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