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2020 will be a different summer for many Italians. After the difficult lockdown period, the desire for a holiday is felt, at the same time there is a strong need to organize a safe summer, primarily from the point of view of health. Here then is that the holiday home, independent and easily accessible by its own means, becomes a valid alternative for many. This trend rekindles the attention on the importance of acting safely on the web, from the moment of research and booking, to ensure a peaceful and safe summer from all points of view.

Topic dear to Postal and Communications Police, UNC – National Consumers Union – and Immediately, which renew this year the collaboration and commitment to consumers, offering concrete support to choose your holiday home safely with a few simple rules to be applied when researching and booking the chosen accommodation.

The Postal and Communications Police every day assists citizens on network security, helping them to identify and limit possible risks. The use of the web to search for one’s holidays is now a consolidated reality and a great opportunity, for this Postal Police wants to be alongside citizens with a joint action with those who protect the interests of consumers and with the marketplace leader in Italy, just at this peak time of reservations in view of the summer season.

And here the guide of 8 rules to plan and live a safe holiday created by Postal and Communications Police, National Consumer Union and Immediately:

realistic, complete and not too glossy images (to verify the consistency and truthfulness between images and houses, use a web image search engine to upload the photos in the ad and check that they are not archive photos but shots of a real house);

complete and detailed description of the property;

contact the advertiser via chat (ask for additional information and photos on the property and learn more with a chat asking for the telephone number, possibly fixed);

suitable property price;

meeting with the advertiser (to verify that everything is correct, meet the advertiser where possible for a visit to the house and to deliver the amount due in person);

deposit request and value;

do not send personal documents;

make payments only on IBAN or via tracked payment methods.


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