Safer in the pub than at home?

Businesses consider themselves able to offer an environment that is just as safe, if not more so, than the private homes in which gatherings will be allowed from December 24 to 27.

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Restaurant owners are wondering why they must remain closed until at least January 11, while the government is offering a four-day respite to allow Quebecers to spend Christmas with their families, with a maximum of 10 people per gathering.

“In terms of partitions, disinfection of surfaces … I can hardly believe that it will be like that in the houses”, underlined Friday Martin Bilodeau, the general manager of Buck: Gastronomic pub of Trois-Rivières.

Winter promises to be long for Trois-Rivières restaurateurs, most of which have been closed since October.

“At 43 … I did not study to put small meals in small cardboard boxes …”, lamented Martin Lampron, co-owner of the House of debauchery.

A cinema owner agrees. “We oblige [les clients] to follow the instructions. In a private house, after 15-20 minutes, the lockers are no longer there, ”said Red Carpet co-owner Paul Langevin.

Gyms, too, face prolonged shutdowns.

“We kept the two meters, we disinfect everything. I think we are a safe place, but we want the government to recognize us as an essential service, ”said TR Athletic Centers owner Laurie Bellerive.


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