Sagvan Tofi and Satine (10): First business with a daughter

In the musical Soap Prince, where the hits of Václav Neckář (76) are heard, Satine was given a children’s role. This is not her first acting experience, she has already performed in the musical Cat in Boots. But now, for the first time, she had played with her famous dad and heard words of praise. “I have to say it’s actually funny to play with your child on one stage like this. I hesitated at first and then wondered why not. I asked Satine and she told me that she would try it … I played the show with an orthosis, everything turned out great and I am proud of her, “said Aha! Sagvan tofi.

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The daily rehearsals at the Broadway Theater have been challenging, and no one can imagine how much work there is. “I go to tutoring, I train choreography, disguises and I also try joint performances with my dad, I want to be good, so I hope I don’t mess anything up,” Satine said before the premiere.

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