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Sala’s death: investigation finds plane pilot error

The pilot maneuvered at excessive speed which caused the aircraft to break up, according to the British air accident investigation bureau.

The plane crash of Emiliano Sala is due to the pilot. According to the findings of the British Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB), the pilot of the aircraft carried out a maneuver at excessive speed, which resulted in the dislocation of the aircraft.

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In their final report published this Friday, the investigators believe that the pilot lost control of the aircraft during a maneuver probably intended to avoid bad weather. Pilot David Ibbotson, whose body was never found, was also “likely” to have been poisoned by carbon monoxide.

The plane crash cost the footballer and the pilot their lives on January 21, 2019. Emiliano Sala was to join the Cardiff City club after wearing the colors of the Nantes canaries for four years.

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