Salmonera Multiexport changes its image and sets a goal of being carbon neutral in 2030

Firm presented its new brand, Multi X, and defined some of its goals in social and environmental terms.

A new stage began the national salmon company Multiexport, linked to Alberto del Pedregal, Martín Borda, José Ramón Gutiérrez and Carlos Pucci, among other businessmen. Through an online event, the firm unveiled its new image and a series of socio-environmental commitments.

In this way, as explained by the president of the company, José Ramón Gutiérrez, will be renamed Multi X, what was born after a process where they updated their purpose as a company.

As Gutiérrez explained, among the goals is to increase the presence of its products in Chile, be carbon neutral by 2030 and strengthen direct community engagement that they already have in the communes and localities where they have operations.

“With this image we will be part of a new era,” Gutiérrez said.

In a statement, the executive added that “Multi X represents the evolution that Multiexport Foods has had over time. We keep Multi, because it is how we are known and evokes the pioneering spirit that has always characterized us. We incorporate the X as a representative element of the seal that we print in everything we do: the experience of our teams, the exquisiteness of our products, the excellence of our processes and how extraordinary it is to produce salmon in the south of Chile. We project into the future the essence of who we are; a company committed to the development of people, the connection with the communities, the care of the environment and that always aspires to the highest “.

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The company was born 34 years ago and has 2,600 workers, has a processing plant in Puerto Montt, as well as a presence in 22 communes and 38 localities in the country.


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