Salvador Zerboni reveals why he broke up with Fey; Pepillo’s fault?

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Salvador Zerboni confirmed that he had a love relationship with María Fernanda Blázquez, better known as Fey, who reached the fame behind the hits “Azúcar amargo” and “Media Naranja”. The 41-year-old actor recalled how it was his romance with the singer Y confessed the reasons why they broke up, this after the controversial statements he gave Juan jose Pepillo Origel.

During an interview for First hand, Salvador Zerboni He assured that he did go out with Fey, but that their relationship ended very soon due to a misunderstanding, because according to what was said in the program, she suspected that the actor was being unfaithful due to a comment from the entertainment journalist Pepillo Origel.

“We were going out so as not to be contrary to anyone. It was something very lightning because of issues that happened, I no longer understood. I did not count the days, but it was very good, I was very happy. The truth is, she is a great woman,” Salvador commented Zerboni.

“I thought it was that better half, but then you said that sour sugar is coming. Then I was confused,” he said.

Zerboni reveals why he broke up with Fey

The actor assured that his relationship with Fey “was fantastic”, but that they finally broke up due to a misunderstanding that took place when Pepillo Origel hinted to one of the singer’s aunts that Zerboni was with another woman in Monterrey.

“He admitted that he (‘Pepillo’ Origel) had some drinks and that later he met Gloria or Noemí Gil, I don’t know if he said: ‘He just spoke with Fey who is in Monterrey with Zerboni’, then he replied: No, Fey’s at my house, “Gustavo Adolfo mentioned, taking up Pepillo Origel’s statements to a program.

Salvador Zerboni confessed that this episode did happen as he tells it Pepillo Origel, but that was a misunderstanding; however, Fey no longer returned to him.

“I think you should invite ‘Pepillo’ to your forum to clarify things and tell me what the hell happened (…) I no longer heard from her, she just told me that it was very wrong,” he said.



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