Salvini and Le Pen play Europe of "common sense"


On the video announcing Saturday's Milan rally, Matteo Salvini's smiling face and two slogans: "Italy first" and "Common sense in Europe". The first refers to "French first" Jean-Marie Le Pen or "America First" Donald Trump. The second is a mantra of the Italian Minister of the Interior: many of his tweets call for this "Europe of common sense". On May 15, he even published a video that presents the "instructions for use" of this famous "common sense", with statistics on stopping illegal immigration.

As an echo, the "common sense" was invited in the RN campaign. On January 14th on RMC, Jordan Bardella thus invites to a "revolution of common sense" in reaction to Emmanuel Macron, from his first steps of list in European. Few interventions of the young man in the campaign that do not evoke this concept. In debate with Nathalie Loiseau May 15, for example: "We must return to common sense and produce in France all that can reasonably produce. "

Marine Le Pen is not left out. From the beginning of the campaign, on January 13 in Paris, she lets go: "The voice of the people carries the revolution of common sense, a good sense of which the oligarchies of Paris are generally deprived. On May 1, in Metz, during the traditional "patriotic banquet", she once again calls for a "common sense revolution" against the "economic and social, demographic and identity Chernobyl" represented by the EU.

"We are in perfect harmony with our Italian allies. It is therefore not illogical to use the same terms, "says Philippe Vardon, in charge of the communication of the RN campaign. "We influence each other, they are formulations that cross borders", adds the same.

Rhetoric adapted to the European elections

"It's been twenty or twenty-five years that we talk about common sense, it has always irrigated our conception of politics," nuance Marine Le Pen who denies having been inspired by his Italian neighbor. "Pierre Poujade in France as well as the Qualunquiste movement (Editor's note: anti-elite) in Italy immediately after the war, which inspired the 5-star movement, already used this concept, "confirms Jérôme Fourquet.

In his book "The French Archipelago" (Seuil), the Director of the Opinion Department of Ifop underlines that the less educated populations are more inclined than the others "to opt for basic answers calling upon the common sense ". However, he continues, the level of diploma now structures the political divide more than the social class of belonging.

Hence the unprecedented coalition of very different socio-professional circles in the movement of yellow vests, ranging from small employees of the private to small employees of the public through the craftsmen. "Pressing the common sense allows to play the man of the street against the party of the skulls of egg", continues Jérôme Fourquet. A rhetoric particularly adapted to the European elections while the Brussels institutions are often perceived in the public opinion as a gas plant. In France as in Italy, talking about common sense must therefore above all allow supporters of the RN or the League to find the right … ballot.


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