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Sam Asghari wants to marry Britney Spears | Fun

by drbyos

Sam Asghari wants to marry Britney Spears.

The 26-year-old personal trainer – who has been dating the 38-year-old singer since 2016 – insisted that “the central point” of being in a serious relationship is to finally make a legal commitment to each other.

Asked if he would like to marry Britney, Sam said to the new magazine: “I think this is the point of being in a relationship – otherwise why should you be in the relationship?”

However, fans who hope to get a taste of Britney’s married life, as she did with her first husband, Kevin Federline, on the reality show “Britney and Kevin: Chaotic” will likely be disappointed.

Asked if he was interested in a reality show about their relationship, Sam said, “Maybe not. Our social media is a reality show.

To cope with the attention that the hitmaker “Gimme More” brings, Sam turns to the gym to concentrate his energies.

He said: “I use training not for the physical factor, but for the mental factor. I go to the gym for spiritual things and confidence. I use my fitness lifestyle as something that helps me in everything else: my career, my relationship, everything I do. I gained security, discipline and everything from the gym. “

The singer “Lucky” – who has two children with Kevin – is always passionate about training with Sam and has also tried some of his personalized workouts.

Sam added, “This is the best thing: if you share that same passion, you can go out and have fun and train together.

“I’ve done workouts with her many times. We actually made a video last year. A lot of the workouts are on my website.”

And Sam even let his girlfriend teach him one of his legendary dance routines from his music videos.

He said, “I’ve tried a few, but I’m not a great dancer!”


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