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Sam Presti is the target of the Bulls’ number one front office

Now we are cooking on gas.

Rumors of the Chicago Bulls front office peaked again on Tuesday afternoon when David Kaplan doubled an important name during his ESPN 1000 Kap & Company show.

“Sam Presti is [the Bulls] goal number one, that’s the guy they want. They manage to get him out of a 10-year contract without having to pay an exorbitant amount of compensation to see …

I have been assured that if Sam Presti could get out of his business and the Bulls could get it, they would be ready to pay him whatever he needed, and it’s probably five years at $ 50 million. So we’ll see, they never did it before, they never paid like this before, but from what I hear, money will no longer be an object if they manage to get the right guy. “

Wow, it’s a bit of a big deal.

Kaplan mentioned Oklahoma City’s Thunder President, Presti, as a potential target of bulls, but initially failed to become anything more than an unachievable dream (at least in my opinion). However, this time, Kaplan is hammering this house as a legitimate candidate of interest for the Chicago Bulls, and this has all my attention.

But let’s talk a little: tearing away a front office facade – let alone a famous one like Presti – is never an easy task. And the fact that he has a comfortable long-term contract in the Thunder organization is what makes this possibility entertaining like hugging a porcupine … I want to embrace the idea, but I know it could sting.

Furthermore, it’s not that his organization is in a bad position strategically (now or in the future) – Presti has potentially positioned the Thunder so that he has 15 choices in the first round in the next seven seasons. And while I’m currently in the midst of a reconstruction, the Thunder (37-23) has a hold on sixth in the Western Conference playoff film.

But Kaplan seems to think that, under the right circumstances, Presti could be attracted (and let go):

Reportedly, the people I talk to in the league have said that his deal with his owner, to whom he is very close, is’ look you’ve been a great employee, that’s why I pay you what I pay you and I gave you a long-term deal, I want you here. But if you tell me you want to play in New York, in Chicago, one of the two Los Angeles, the biggest stage in the world in the NBA, I would leave you out of your chord. “There are others in the league who think it only applies to work on the New York Knicks because he had hosted this fantasy of going to New York at some point in his career, and it won’t happen now that they hired Leon Rose away from the CAA to manage Knicks operations as their president.

But even if all public signs indicate that Presti has a tremendous relationship with Thunder’s property, I am still hesitant to believe that they would be fast enough to let him walk, especially without compensation. A bridge to cross again, I suppose.

Perhaps the most encouraging part of Kaplan’s report is the fact that the Bulls seem willing to spend the money to get it. With the top three NBA markets to launch and a pocket wallet, Chicago’s chances of landing a big name front office look pretty damn good. Now, if that face is Presti’s it will surely be something to follow. But again, the willingness to go big for this job transcends this search.

And hopefully, if the Bulls are willing to spend that kind of money, they’ll also be willing to step aside and let that new hired man manage the show. The main concern remains that while the Reinsdorf will do some changes after the season will still allow old habits (GarPax) to hang around. At the end of the day, a name like Presti is not leaving his current job to answer anyone other than himself. I mean, Kaplan said the same: Soon he won’t go anywhere without “total control”.

The other free thread here that requires our attention is the difference between someone who is your number one goal and someone who is a realistically achievable goal, especially when that someone is not even a “free agent”, so to speak. After all, I’m sure most of the league teams would like to get their hands on Presti, but it remains to be seen if it’s really plausible.

You will forgive me for being watched by such a sexy voice for such an important decision. No matter how far the Bulls want to go after Presit, we don’t really know if (1) they will or (2) will. Some things are simply beyond their control. But obviously if this story continues to gain momentum, it’s something to be excited about.


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