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The affidavit filed by the Central Government in the Delhi High Court on same-sex marriage does justice to moral views. The Center has said that cohabitation and sexual intercourse between people of the same sex cannot be compared to the Indian concept of husband, wife and children. Same-sex marriage cannot be seen as a fundamental right. In same-sex marriage, it is impractical to call one husband and another wife. The affidavit also says that it will lead to many legal issues. The government has stated its position in a High Court notice on a petition seeking permission for same-sex marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act.

The sexual perversion of homosexuality is on the rise. Following this, homosexuals came forward to demand that this heinous crime, which was legally criminalized, be legalized and approved by many countries. It was first legalized by Denmark, notorious for sexual anarchy. Subsequently, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands and Belgium, the Delhi High Court in 2009 and the Supreme Court in 2018 gave the green light. The Supreme Court has struck down Section 377, which criminalises homosexuality, on the grounds that individuals should have the freedom to choose their sexual partners regardless of gender. It was after this that some people approached the court seeking approval for same-sex marriage.

Marriage is not just a bilateral agreement for sexual purposes, it is also aimed at the survival of the human race. It is for this purpose that the human race has been created into two categories, male and female. The core aspect of reproduction is the sexuality inherent in man. This is possible when a man and a woman have sex. Unnatural and illicit sexual intercourse between members of the same sex does not result in reproduction. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage do not fall within the scope of the equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Physiologists also claim that the human body contains anatomical elements of the opposite sex and that there are no genetic factors that contribute to homosexuality. It all points to changes in the structure, structure, and sexuality of the genitals. Wouldn’t sex and marriage with animals be legalized if society began to recognize all the perversions that are taking place?

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There is a difference of opinion among psychologists as to the cause of homosexuality. One category is mental illness. Others say it is the result of bad living conditions experienced since childhood. It is also said to be the result of a genetic disorder such as sexual dysfunction. Dr. Haribenjamin, a German researcher, argues that homosexuality is a mental disorder that is being exploited by homosexuals. It is not in the interest of the so-called culturally rich man to give legal recognition to this except to try to cure it. Although homosexuality and sex existed from the earliest times, it was considered an immorality. History has shown that it was the Jews who took the initiative to make it legal. An article in The Guardian, February 25, 2005, states that a section of Jews in Britain approved same-sex marriage in 2003 and performed the marriage ceremony in the synagogue. They approved the marriage of gay lovers Avi and Benjamin. It was legalized by the Israeli Supreme Court on January 29, 2007. Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, has been described as the “gay capital of the Middle East”. Not only did the Jews indulge in this evil practice, but they also made strategic moves to attract non-Jewish non-Jewish communities. It was the Jews who perpetuated this practice in Western society.

Natural and genetic marital relations between a man and a woman do not cause any physical, mental or social harm. At the same time, studies show that sex between people of the same sex can lead to serious health problems. In an article in the November 1998 issue of the Journal of Sex Research, Dr. Christophan argues that homosexuality is responsible for the rapid spread of the deadly AIDS virus. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2003 estimated that 63% of AIDS patients were infected through homosexuality. Gonorrhea, syphilis, and various sexually transmitted cancers are common among homosexuals. Attempting to place Western misconduct on the scope of individual liberty and rights is a grave crime against humanity, whether by the judiciary or the state. The Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court, which have approved homosexuality, should reconsider their observations.

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