Samkova was unlucky, she was looking forward in vain. Even small money is to blame

Czech SBX Team

The association together with the ski resort decided to cancel the premiere of the World Championships in this discipline, officially on the basis of current restrictions and further unpredictable developments in the pandemic.

“It was a very difficult decision, we were all looking forward to the historically first measurement of the strength of the snowboardcross elite in the Czech Republic and devoted months of preparations to it. However, we are convinced that in the current situation this decision is the only correct one, “said the chairman of the snowboard section Miroslav Schimmer.

Dolní Morava has already invested around one million crowns in the construction of the line. “The previous track and the atmosphere of the race have already received recognition within the European Cup, and with this investment we have moved it a step further. We will believe that the competitors will race in it next season, “said Martin Palán from the Dolní Morava ski resort.

“Covid didn’t help, but it didn’t make it impossible to organize. Let’s admit that as snowboarders we don’t have enough money, “national team coach Marek Jelínek responded on Facebook.

“I’m sorry, I remember being excited about the atmosphere and the great track there last year at the European Cup. I had fun with Michal Dusík from Czech Television, who was supposed to broadcast the race, they would definitely make it a great show, they do great broadcasts and our fans like to watch them, “says Samková.

Finally! Ledecka, Samkova a spol. experience equality

“I’m sorry, but I believe that in a year or two, the saint in Lower Moravia will take place and I will enjoy the feeling in front of the domestic audience,” he hopes.

Two World Championships in the Czech Republic remain in the ski and snowboard calendar – in February cross-country skiers in Nové Město na Moravě and in March freestyle snowboarders in Špindlerův Mlýn.

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