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Considered one of the best external SSDs on the market, the Samsung T5 in a 1TB version is currently offered for € 119.99 on, a 40% reduction.

External SSDs are on the rise because they allow you to store a large number of files and, above all, to be able to access them quickly thanks to a high transfer speed. They are also much less fragile than hard drives and therefore last longer.

buy the samsung T5 1 tb external ssd for € 119.99

The Samsung brand, for its part, is one of the sure values ​​in terms of storage, both internal and external. This T5 external SSD is therefore very practical to use: compact, it offers 1 TB of storage and is connected via USB 3.1. It is a good traveling companion if you need to carry a large amount of data and it can be used as additional storage for a living room console. The reduction is very interesting, since it goes from € 199.99 to € 119.99.

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