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Samsung Galaxy A71: a fantastic fun hat-trick

Samsung Galaxy A71: a fantastic fun hat-trick! – – Manila, Philippines Unlike the era in which the stables of Nokia phones reigned supreme over its rivals, the battle of smartphones today seems to be in an infinite cycle of various gradual improvements that make the new versions indistinguishable from each other. But when we ushered in a new decade, Samsung he managed to pierce that monotonous loop when he recently dangled his latest offering in the mid-range arena: the Galaxy A71. Of course, the most recent addition to the A Series family has successfully made its way into my consciousness due to its catchy melody that effectively highlights the smartphone’s strengths.

But the question now is: does the Galaxy A71 stand out as the mid-range smartphone that meets the needs of Generation Z? Here’s what I learned when I used it as a primary device for a week. Long-lasting battery First of all, let’s talk about the screen.

The Galaxy A71 has a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display that sports a significantly thinner bezel.

A design cut out of a hole is located at the top of the screen, just like the design language found on the Galaxy Note 10. Like any modern day Samsung device, the display of the Galaxy A71 meets our expectations in terms of detail, color accuracy, brightness and sharpness. Everything that appears on the screen is quite excellent.

There is also an option to adjust the display color to suit your viewing pleasure. Additionally, the A71’s screen works decently outdoors, even in direct sunlight.

Undoubtedly, the main strength of the Galaxy A71 must be its range of cameras. The phone has a front-facing 32-megapixel F2.2 camera that produces incredibly stunning high-resolution photos.

Extraordinary Camera The facial recognition feature works incredibly fast in almost any lighting condition. Even if I wear glasses, the security feature unlocks in a second, which is quite convenient compared to using the on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Turn it over and you’ll see a quad camera installed on the upper left side consisting of a 64 megapixel F1.8 main camera, an ultra-wide 12 megapixel F2.2, a 5 megapixel F2.4 macro and a lens with F2.2 depth 5 megapixel. The rear camera configuration of the A71 offers versatility in taking pictures in various conditions.

The 123-degree angle of the ultra wide-angle lens is useful when taking landscape and group photos, as well as taking pictures of huge subjects in front of you. Aside from that, it is also capable of producing extremely stable shots which is quite efficient when recording videos even when traveling.

Alternatively, the A71’s macro lens offers a whole new level of detail when taking close-up shots, especially when using the bokeh effect function to bring out the subject. The icing on the cake of the Galaxy A71 is its 4,500 mAh battery, which just passed the 50 percent mark when I used it all day to play and watch online series.

In case of need of recharging, the Galaxy A71 regenerates quickly, thanks to its 25 W fast charging capacity. In terms of the specifications department, the A71 does not disappoint for the middle range category.

The Galaxy A71 is powered by a Snapdragon 730G, 8nm Octa Core along with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. There are no hiccups even though I was using typical social media apps at the same time.

Playing quality games like consoles like Call of Duty: Mobile also has regular update rates even though there are apps running in the background. The bottom line is, Samsung created a competitor in the middleweight category with the Galaxy A71 not only for its fantastic screen, fantastic camera and long battery life.

But because it meets the daily needs of this generation. The new Samsung Galaxy A71 is available in Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush Blue and Prism Crush Silver and has a sticker price of P22,990.

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