Samsung Galaxy S21 info creates confusion

Know where you stand. Well, the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 info creates quite a bit of confusion in that area.

When will the new Samsung Galaxy S21 arrive? Opinions seem divided on this. To date, it seemed that Samsung would have opted for an earlier launch compared to the past. Normally a Galaxy flagship will arrive in February or March, now rumors indicate that a launch is already coming in January.

Oh, no not. At least, you can draw that conclusion based on the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 info. So states Android Headlines that the S21 will arrive in February anyway. One reason is that both Qualcomm and Samsung have not yet announced a new generation chipset. We are already in November and it is not possible to get a new chipset in the Galaxy S21 in such a short time. Samsung always brings two different types of chipsets into the brand’s phones, depending on the region where you live. A Snapdragon can do that Qualcomm or an Exynos from Samsung itself.

Samsung always does well in the Netherlands and here too the Galaxy S21 will undoubtedly be well liked. Compared to the S20, no major changes are expected. A better screen, a better camera and a faster processor. You know.

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