Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Samsung passes Apple in the United States

The year is starting badly for Apple. In the first quarter of 2018 in the US, Samsung is blithely dominating the debate on device sales, according to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

Huawei is now the number one spot!

39% of smartphones are Samsung brand

Like what, playing at home is not always an advantage. Among the potential reasons, one can think of the price of the iPhone X which has resulted in Sales much lower than expected for the Apple brand .

39% of smartphones activated during the first quarter in the US would be Samsung models. Apple is second with 31%. The difference with LG who is third is particularly important. This brand can claim only 14%. A difference allowed by the strategy of Samsung to offer many smartphones for all prices including low prices. In comparison, Apple does not count many models in its catalog.

A crossover that lasts with Apple

Optimism seems in any case continue to dominate the debate on the side of Apple. The Cupertino company has apparently not been scalded by the difficulties of the iPhone X. Indeed, the brand would think seriously about market an even more expensive device this year . As a reminder that for Apple revenue generated count more than the number of devices sold. A figure illustrates this phenomenon very well: 35% of the profits on the total market were related to the iPhone X in 2017. The two brands should in any case continue this crossover in the coming quarters, both internationally and for the United States alone.

Another positive point for Apple lies in customer loyalty. This criterion has also been studied for Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Result of the races? The clients of the Cupertino company are 90% loyal. On the side of Samsung, this figure drops to 70% and 45% for LG. Not really a surprise, Android does not hold as captive users. We can go from one manufacturer to another without too much difficulty.

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