Samsung unveils five new devices amid pandemic

Amid the pandemic, Samsung took Latin America by surprise when it unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip, its new folding phone, with which it intends to “defy the laws of physics” and exalt it to the list of the most desired by people who love the fusion of technology, design and practicality.

It also unveiled two new members of the A and M series, its new smart watch and the new generation of Serif televisions.

He Galaxy Z Flip It integrates a 6.7-inch folding screen that, when folded, fits in the palm of your hand.

“Whether you’re working on the go or enjoying a night out, with the Galaxy Z Flip, you never have to compromise on comfort, experience or style. The Galaxy Z Flip Infinity Flex screen is made with Samsung Ultra Thin Glass, an innovative folding glass that folds and unfolds without marks or distractions ”, reads the description of Samsung electronics.

In the US market, where it launched two months ago, the price of the Galaxy Z Flip is around $ 1,300.

“As a Galaxy device, Galaxy Z Flip brings the Galaxy ecosystem to its new folding experience. It features flagship-level performance and features via camera, display, battery, security, and services like Samsung Health, Samsung knox and more ”, indicated the manager of the company’s mobile products for the Latin American market, Victoria Casasola.

“With the Galaxy Z Flip we have created a device that comes to enrich people’s lives, making it easier and more fun. The ZFlip is a new folding smartphone that totally stands out. It is daring and elegant, designed for those who see cutting-edge technology as a way to express themselves, “said Casasola during the digital launch through YouTube.

It also launches two new A and M series smartphones

The company also introduced the Galaxy A31 and the Galaxy M11, two devices that target younger, more active consumers on social media.

The new A-series member comes with a 6.4-inch Full HD + Super AMOLED resolution screen and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the front. Its front camera is 20 megapixels (MP).

At the back of the phone, which is glass, is a quad camera that includes a 48MP main sensor along with an 8MP ultra-wide, 5MP-deep, and 5MP macro lens.

The A31 has a 5000mAh battery, which is the same size as the battery found in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which uses or consumes much more energy than an A31, this means that your Galaxy A has enough battery for the whole day and a little more.

The A31 is available in black, blue, red, and white.

The Galaxy M11 comes with an on-screen design with Infinity O on the front and a triple camera on the back, one deep, one wide-angle and the main 13MP. Like the other models in the Galaxy M series, the new M31 integrates the fingerprint reader at the rear.

Its cameras are vertically oriented, similar to the arrangement of the Note10.

The new Samsung Smartwatch arrives

Also in the region, Samsung’s new smartwatch model, the Galaxy Active2, which helps users to have a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, and which brings applications such as Samsung Health, with functions that help you manage stress, sleep and physical exercise.

With the Galaxy Watch Active2 you can receive messages and make calls, also receive notifications and reminders, know the state of the weather and traffic, among others, the company reported.

A Korean TV designed by the French

Before the end of the digital event, the new generation of the Serif TV, a TV with a minimalist design created by Parisian designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Shanon Angilello, Sela’s product manager, indicated that Serif is a television that moves away from everything the market knows about ultra-flat screens.

The Serif is part of your decoration, it is a TV that you can surround and manipulate. You can place it anywhere in your living room or bedroom. It is a fusion of technology and style, “said Angilello.

Serif TV has QLED technology, so the sharpness of your image is unchanged. The “Upscaling” feature improves low-resolution content and converts it to 4K image quality by analyzing the video.

“Thanks to the Ambient Mode feature, it can become a work of art when it’s turned off. Artificial Intelligence allows you to improve any image, however deficient it may be, ”added the statement.

Multiple voice assistant is available in Serif, which is also compatible with voice assistants Alexa from Amazon and the Google Assistantas well as Samsung Bixby.

In addition, you can connect to other devices using NFC (Near Field Communication) signal, which allows you to make secure connections, exchange digital content and transfer mobile content to the TV.

Serif also offers support Airplay2 that allows you to play content from devices Manzana Easily on the big screen and use various features like screen mirroring, video streaming, and music conversion.


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