Samsung would hide the selfie sensor under the foldable screen, it is confirmed

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 would be the first Samsung smartphone to be equipped with a selfie sensor under the screen. According to information relayed by a South Korean media, the Seoul giant has managed to develop a technology to house the front camera under the foldable screen without ruining the quality of the photos. Samsung could thus ignore the hole in the screen.

For several years, Samsung has been working on a technology to hide the front camera under the touch screen and to abandon punch and notch. According to rumors, the South Korean firm has also failed to integrate the technology developed in its laboratories in Galaxy Z Fold 2. Disappointed with the results obtained, Samsung would have preferred to bet on a foldable screen with holes.

Ensuite, the manufacturer has tried to add the selfie camera under the screen of the Galaxy S21 (S30). Again, this attempt would not have been successful. The technology would not keep up with Samsung’s high standards for photography. According to the latest leaks, the new Galaxy S must therefore still be content with a punched screen.

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Samsung reportedly developed new selfie sensor technology under the screen

Despite these many unsuccessful attempts, Samsung does not give up the idea. According to information collected by ETNews, a reputable media in South Korea, the firm would have finally succeeded in developing convincing under-display sensor technology. Asked by the media, an industry official close to the matter said: “We hear that Samsung Electronics is in the process of designing a screen with wider pixel spacing in the area where the sensor will be placed in order to ensure better aperture and avoid any shooting problems”.

Concretely, Samsung will rely on spaced pixels in order to let more light pass and, ultimately, to take better photos. To improve the rendering, the firm would have developed an ultra sophisticated image correction algorithm. Moreover, the process used to develop the panel is similar to the manufacturing process of the screen of the S20 and Note 20. The company drills a tiny hole in the AMOLED panel using a laser in order to slide the front camera into it. Finally, Samsung closes the cavity with a transparent screen capable of hiding the presence of the photo sensor.

This novelty would make its debut on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the next smartphone with a foldable screen of the brand. Latest news shows Samsung to present Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the summer of 2021. With its S-Pen stylus, the foldable smartphone would replace the Galaxy Note range. We tell you more as soon as possible about the next flagships of Samsung. While waiting for more information, feel free to give your opinion in the comments below.

Source : ETNews

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