Sánchez asks PP and Cs for an abstention that he denied Rajoy in 2016: «It's not no»


In the press conference that José Luis Ábalos offered yesterday in Ferraz, the secretary of Organization referred with a certain sarcasm on a couple of occasions that we do not seem to be immersed in an electoral campaign. But the truth is that it shows. And a lot. Because only within the framework of the electoral contest of next May 26 can be understood that yesterday the Socialists recovered the appeals in favor of PP and Citizens abstaining.

A message with which the Socialists intend to complement their clash with ERC following the "boycott" of the appointment of Miquel Iceta as senator. The objective is to keep alive the idea of ​​centrality that they wanted to transmit in the last campaign of April 28. That is why they are taking advantage of the rejection of Iceta by the republicans, to put land in the middle regarding the state of their relations with the independentistas. Ábalos pointed out that relations with CKD "are what they seem, not what the right says."

And to give more solidity to that argument the number three of the Socialists claimed Albert Rivera that his 57 deputies facilitate the investiture of the Prime Minister, which is in the hands of some decision within the independence movement. There are two options. At this moment, Sánchez needs an abstention from ERC or that the four defendants who are going to be deputies (three from Junts per Catalunya and one from ERC) do not renounce their acts (they will be suspended as soon as they acquire the status of parliamentarians) for the time being, because that way the absolute majority would stay in 174 seats for those who no longer need ERC. «I would like more to trust the abstention of Citizens. I prefer to trust the abstention of Citizens, "said Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, which with his words came to recognize the needs of a Government that despite its electoral growth does not have a parliamentary situation very different from that suffered before the elections .

"I do not say that I vote yes, it is asking too much, but why can not I ask to be freed from that dependence?" Demanded Ábalos. «We do not want to depend on the independentistas. And those who want us not to depend, to contribute. Let them do it for Spain ».

Sources of Citizens consulted by ABC again ruled out this possibility yesterday. The position of the party led by Albert Rivera is the same as they have been since they approved, at the beginning of the electoral campaign, not to agree with the PSOE. "We will vote against" was the response of the orange party.

The one who does not dislike this option is Pablo Casado, who after his meeting with Pedro Sánchez in Moncloa referred to Ciudadanos when recalling that "there are other sums that guarantee" that Sánchez be president without the dependence of the independentistas. Some approaches that Rivera described as "joke". The competition between Cs and PP, which will persist no matter what happens on May 26, makes it impossible for any of these two parties to agree to collaborate with the PSOE. And it is that although Ábalos focused its efforts on Citizens, highlighting the agreement that came to subscribe in 2016, from the Government spokeswoman Isabel Celaá made a more general reflection that also reached the PP.

The spokeswoman of the Executive said that since "the constitutionalist forces remind citizens that independence forces should not be counted on", now it has a "perfect form" to avoid that leading role of the forces, which is "abstaining in the investiture, certainly as did the PSOE at the time in order to provide stability to the new Government and the country. Celaá defended that gesture as a "service to Spain," since "no one doubts, not even these forces, that the new Government should be headed by Pedro Sánchez."

The circumstance arises that Celaá makes an appeal to the abstention of the PSOE in 2016 as an argument of authority to request such abstention. But the certain thing is that that vote supposed a fracture in the PSOE that finished with the exit of Sanchez of the leadership. The secretary general championed until he had to renounce the discourse of "it is not no". He even had to renounce his act as a deputy so as not to have to abstain and to avoid breaking a resolution of the Federal Committee of his party.

The current PSOE defends that the return of Sanchez with that decision by flag is what allowed the party not to be overtaken by Podemos and again be an alternative government. The appeals of yesterday are framed in the attempt to stress their rivals and to separate from the secessionism before May 26. . (tagsToTranslate) sanchez (t) asks (t) abstention


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