«Sit and Talk» («Sit and talk») It is the motto that the Democratic Tsunami has cackled in all its mobilizations, even the most violent after knowing the judgment judgment of the “process”. The Government of Pedro Sánchez deactivated this demand yesterday with the “between governments” dialogue table and left separatism without the argument that the State turns its back on its demands. That the photo in Moncloa was produced and will be repeated monthly implies in itself the main revenue that both parties obtain from an appointment, from which neither of them expected results in the short term. The weather “was very good” and “the expectations of a first meeting were exceeded,” according to the Central Executive.

The link is kept alive, which allows all partners to gain time. Each in their own way and under their needs, but without getting up from the table. The Government takes oxygen and ties the approval today of the expenditure ceiling and the path of stability as a previous step to obtain the guarantee to the General State Budgets, conceived as a kind of safe conduct to survive until 2023. In Moncloa they consider that the accounts are essential, if only in an “instrumental” way, to give effect to the agreements that can be closed at these meetings. Independence, meanwhile, gains time in the face of an electoral call that will still be extended in time and to which ERC has to attend, as a cartel, with the fruits that negotiation with the State.

Both parties agreed to give periodicity to their meetings: once a month with a more decaffeinated delegation in which there will be neither presidents nor vice-presidents and every six months with the staff, chaired by Sánchez and Torra. They will occur alternately at the headquarters of the governments in Madrid and Barcelona. They reflected it in a joint communiqué that also shows their willingness to reach agreements, always within “legal certainty”, and for which the Government undertakes to look for “imaginative formulas” that “transcend traditional responses” to the demands of Catalonia. Government sources say that this effort of imagination would obey the “ability to provide them with more democracy”, a euphemism to refer to giving more self-government or recovering some aspects of the Statute that knocked down the Constitutional, but that with those “labels” are rejected from the outset on the Catalan side.

The objective was for the meeting to take place and to do so in a normal climate. For more than three hours both delegations were together and the broadness of the conclave was anticipated by the sovereign part before, even, of its beginning. The predisposition was positive. “The important thing is that it be celebrated. It’s almost a miracle coming from where we came from, ”they assured this newspaper from the socialist side. Without a predetermined agenda, the central government tried to advance in those aspects whose approach was more feasible due to the proximity of the postulates, some sectoral issues that the Generalitat called for in the bilateral commission that will be launched imminently. However, the Government ensures that issues such as investment or financing will remain at the dialogue table.

From the sovereign side, the need for a referendum of self-determination and the amnesty of the prisoners of the «procés» were repeated, two aspects that have the frontal rejection of the Executive as it was highlighted again. “In this we will not yield,” they say in Moncloa, after Torra said that these questions had remained unanswered. “They know what we think, but they have exposed their ideas,” say sources of the meeting, who believe that the ambiguous speech that is publicly displayed by the president is due to an electoral interest.

JxCat intends to extend the legislature to have sufficient scope to reorder its entire political space and prepare an electoral list of guarantees – some sectors openly bet on October 4 +. With the approval of the budgets planned for March 18 and the months of July and August practically disabled for the polls, neoconvergents can take the negotiating table as an alibi to get the elections away: in this sense, Torra came with the intention to set a negotiating horizon – a work calendar – that gives time to the Puigdemont party. However, a president of the Generalitat was seen who assumed the most practical thesis of ERC, although he warned that in the next appointments he intends to negotiate self-determination and amnesty.


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