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Sanders wins as the focus shifts to South Carolina

Check for updates as the results continue to come from Nevada caucuses.

A smiling Senator Bernie Sanders told supporters that he would continue to win not only the Democratic primary, but the general election against President Donald Trump immediately after being declared victorious in the Nevada caucuses.

“I’m glad to bring you some pretty good news,” he said to a crowded crowd in San Antonio, Texas. “I think you all know that we won the popular vote in Iowa. We won the New Hampshire primary. And according to three goals and AP, we have now won the Nevada Caucus. “

Sanders stressed the work of his volunteers in the three states.

“No campaign has a grassroots movement like us, which is another reason why we will win these elections,” he said, smiling as his supporters applauded and waved the signs of the campaign. The crowd sang “Bernie! Bernie!”

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