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Sandro Rosell accuses police of shifting money into his home to incriminate him

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The book will be released on March 23 A big hug, written by Sandro Rosell, in which the former Barça president recounts his search, arrest and subsequent stay in prison. The newspaper The world he has had access to the book, and has advanced that Rosell accuses police of introducing money envelopes into his home to incriminate him. “One of the cops comes up to me and tells me we need to check the contents of a locker together. Until then, all the search had been done without me. I don’t understand, but I pay attention. The cop opens and goes straight to a coat of Marta [la seva dona] and from one of his pockets he draws an envelope with an inscription that reads RT i 5K containing 5,000 euros. I tell him that envelope is not mine and he tells me that it must be my wife then. I tell her no, it’s neither mine nor her, this morning that envelope was not there, “recounts Rosell on the events of May 23, 2017.” What you do is very ugly, “she explains. tell the agents at that time.

The trial to Sandro Rosell, in ten keys

“I tell her that the money is kept at home in a safe that I will later show her. I tell my lawyers that I have a feeling that this is a conspiracy. But from whom? And why? I don’t know.” Then he explains that the police officers who were doing the search record images of the tickets, and this is when he shows his indignation: “I am very angry. I tell him that the envelope is not mine, that I guess he already knows perfectly well and that they are recording everything to filter the pictures in the press, because when you teach cash on a search the people immediately think that the investigated person is a criminal. I am convinced that with this recording the operation begins to turn me in the movie’s baddie to public opinion. ”

Rosell adds that when the police opened the envelope, he saw that the tickets were correlative, and he let him know. “I tell you whoever put the money in there is a lot of donkey because the tickets are correlative; they sweat and they take them away,” recalls the former Barça president, who describes the time as “Kafkian”. Despite the allegations, he is excused by the police who made the search. “They were doing what someone else ordered them to do, and therefore are not directly guilty of the alleged conspiracy,” he says.

Many questions

In the book, Sandro Rosell wonders why he was detained and was later sentenced to 643 days in prison on charges of laundering € 20 million in commissions and leading a criminal organization. “Am I here because we put all four bars on our shirts or because we allowed Via Catalana to go through the Camp Nou? Or because we let the Freedom Concert take place? Maybe it was because we had hired Neymar against the Another team’s will, or because we had sold the television rights to Telefónica instead of Mediapro? Or maybe because he was Barça’s president? Or a mix of everything? ”

About his stay in prison, Rosell recalls that Jordi Pujol Ferrusola introduced him to “everyone”. In addition, he also explains that he coincided with Ángel María Villar, Rodrigo Rato and Luis Bárcenas.


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