Sanjosex, Miquel Abras and Mazoni make guns for the elderly of a residence in La Bisbal

Miquel Abras, Sanjosex and Mazoni have released several songs for the seniors of the Zoilo Nursing Home of the Bisbal d’Empordà to further enhance the confinement of its residents, who may not be in contact with their families from the alarm status statement. The initiative, dubbed the ‘Songs for the Elderly’, has been promoted by Bisbal musicians, the geriatric center and the consistory, and calls on ‘professionals and amateurs to submit videos featuring versions of topics that can be recognized by ‘older’, who are the ones who “suffer the most visitation restrictions”. The songs can be sent through YouTube or by sending the file to

For the occasion, Sanjosex has released the song ‘For your love’ by Josep Ribas i Gabriel; Miquel Abras, ‘Little Country’ by Lluís Llach; and Mazoni has adapted the bolero ‘Dos gardenias’ from the Cuban Isolina Carrillo.

All the videos received by this initiative will be published on the website of the City Council of the Bisbal d’Empordà, will be shared on the social networks of the municipality and the senior citizens of the Municipal Nursing Home Zoilo Feliu will see them projected on a large screen. In addition, these videos “could also be screened in other nursing homes or viewed by people who are currently experiencing the current situation in any home,” according to the council in a statement.


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