Santa Eugenia recovers the church fountain after 37 years

The water runs again in the fountain in the field of the church of Santa Eugenia. The selfless work of Agustín López, a resident of the town, has made it possible to recover the pump that had not worked for 37 years due to a breakdown, despite the fact that the residents of the parish have maintained it throughout these years very neat and in good condition.

The history of the fountain dates back to 1976. The then parish priest of Santa Eugenia de los Pandos, the priest Antonio María, decided to donate a stone fountain to the town. Its installation was carried out by the one who at that time was the pediatric mayor, Carlos Toyos Fresno, who placed it in front of the church. For years, the pump was put into operation every Sunday, but a breakdown in 1983 caused it to stop working, without anyone repairing it.

After more than thirty years, it was finally López who decided to get down to work after a neighbor suggested it. “The top glass was broken. I repaired it, I put the jets from above, the drain and I put water back in, “he explains. He already has experience in this of working for the people. “We have to keep what we have. In summer, especially, we have a lot of work. In the end, he pays to go for a walk and see him all handsome, “she says.

The work has been highly applauded by the residents of the area and the mayor of Villaviciosa, Alejandro Vega, wanted to publicly thank the gesture and the work that this neighbor does “for the common good.” He has also highlighted his commitment to improving his parish.

Following in the footsteps of Rozaes

This is not the first time that the residents of Villaviciosa have turned to recover their ethnographic heritage. In 2019, the Malian town of Trías, belonging to the parish of Rozaes, rehabilitated the fountain-laundry that gives the town its name and whose origins could date back to Roman times. The result was such that the town decided to draw up a calendar with the pump as the protagonist under the slogan ‘En Trías agua y na’ más’.


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