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Santiago Solari wants to implement a Pep Guardiola-style method in America

Although it reached the America club less than a month ago, Santiago Solari He already wants to inject his ideas into the professional team of the First Division little by little, with the work tools in which he believes for the day to day and with which he was trained in football both in his native Argentina and in Spain, his second home …

Solari’s method in America along Pep Guardiola

The doubts with the alignment until the last moment

According to the cover and the main report of the sports newspaper Récord this Wednesday, the 44-year-old Albiceleste strategist confirms the eleven to the players almost over the limit of what the regulation indicates (one hour before the games), to which they weren’t used to because with Miguel Herrera they already knew the training up to two or three days in advance.

No fixed schedule for training

The practices with the Indiecito can be morning or evening. Even if America plays home, the last rehearsal will try to do it at night in the Stadium, and every morning on the days of the matches they carry out a slight activation that helps to avoid injuries and muscle fatigue, something that was reiterated with the Louse.

Changes in travel

The idea is that now the team goes in the afternoons to reach their destinations at night with the intention of just having dinner and sleeping. Therefore, whenever possible, ‘idle hours’ locked in the hotel will be avoided under the argument that they only generate emotional wear and tear. Above, the risk with the coronavirus is even greater. Not worth it.

Diet with meals

Although not many details were revealed in this regard, the brand new Technical Corps of the former Real Madrid He will also be very meticulous with food: fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and others will be the protagonists and whoever does not adapt will have to fight for a position from behind. The control will be greater in relation to the schedules also in this context.


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