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Santo André expands flu vaccination for the entire population

Santo André expands flu vaccination for the entire population

Credit: Alex Cavanha/PSA

The Municipality of Santo André extended the vaccination against the Influenza virus to the entire population above six months of age. Immunization will be available from next Monday (12) in all health units in the city. The campaign began on April 12 and, so far, 144,736 people in the priority group have been vaccinated.

“Santo André is a reference in vaccination and now opens the immunization against the flu to all Andreenses. An important protection to prevent the worsening of respiratory syndromes and consequently deaths“, pointed out the mayor Paulo Serra.

The objective of the initiative is to reduce complications, hospitalizations and mortality resulting from Influenza virus infections, as well as to minimize the burden of the disease, reducing symptoms that can be confused with those of Covid-19.

For those who are part of the initial target audience and have not yet been vaccinated, the Health Department reinforces the importance of protecting against the flu. The choice of priority groups considers people who are more vulnerable or who may develop more severe forms of the disease. In winter the concern is even greater.

The campaign will be carried out, until the stock of vaccines runs out, in 32 health units in the city, from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Covid-19 – The Ministry of Health does not recommend the application of vaccines against Covid-19 and against Influenza together. The folder directs that people who are in priority groups try to get vaccinated first against Covid-19. Experts recommend an interval of at least 14 days between the coronavirus immunization and the flu shot. People infected with Covid-19 or who were discharged less than 28 days ago will not be able to take the Influenza vaccine.

Initial target audience – Children from six months to six years of age, pregnant women and mothers of newborns (puerperal women), indigenous peoples and health workers, elderly people aged 60 years and over, teachers in public and private schools, people with comorbidities, people with disabilities permanent, members of the Armed Forces, security and rescue, truck drivers, road collective transport workers, port workers, employees of the deprivation of liberty system, population deprived of liberty and adolescents in socio-educational measures.

Santo André Health Units:

US Centro – Rua Campos Sales, nº 575 – Centro

Policlínica Campestre – Rua das Figueiras, nº 2716 – Bairro Jardim

US / USF Vila Guiomar – Rua das Silveiras, nº 73 – Vila Guiomar

Vila Palmares Polyclinic – Praça Áurea, 234 – Vila Palmares

USF Valparaíso – Rua Andradina, nº 471 – Valparaíso

US / USF Bairro Paraíso – Rua Juquiá, nº 256 – Bairro Paraíso

Bom Pastor Polyclinic – Rua José D’Angelo, nº 35 – Jardim Bom Pastor

US / USF Jardim Alvorada – Rua Almenor Jardim Silveira, s/nº – Jardim Alvorada

US Vila Helena – Avenida Andrade Neves, 1.082 – Vila Helena

USF Vila Linda – Rua Embaré, 97 (left with Rua Ingá) – Vila Linda

US Vila Lucinda – Rua Caconde, s/nº – Vila Lucinda

US / USF Moysés Fucs – Rua Alexandreta, nº 180 – Jardim Santo Antônio

US / USF Utinga – Alameda México, s/nº – Vila Metalúrgica

US Parque Novo Oratório – Tunisia Street (left with Madagascar street)

US / USF School Health Center – Rua Ireland, nº 700 – Parque Capuava

US Parque João Ramalho – Rua Maragogipe, s/nº – Parque João Ramalho

USF Jardim Ana Maria/Jardim Itapoan – Rua Otávio Mangabeira, nº 331 – Jardim Ana Maria

USF Jardim Sorocaba – Avenida Sorocaba, nº 935/945 – Jardim Sorocaba

USF Jardim Santo Alberto – Rua Almada, 745 – Jardim Santo Alberto

USF Jardim Carla – Rua José de Alencar, s/nº – Jardim Carla

US / USF Centerville – Rua Bezerra de Menezes, nº340 – Centerville

Vila Humaitá Polyclinic – Rua Fernando de Mascarenha, 191 – Vila Humaitá

US City São Jorge/Espírito Santo – Avenida São Paulo, 800 – City São Jorge

US / USF Vila Luzita – Avenida Dom Pedro I, nº 4197 – Vila Luzita

US / USF Jardim Irene I – Estrada Cata Preta, nº 552 – Jardim Irene

Jardim Cipreste Family Clinic – Rua Caminho dos Vianas, 300 – Jardim Cipreste

USF Jardim Santo André – Rua Sete, s/n° – Jardim Santo André

USF Parque Miami – Estrada do Pedroso, nº 5151 – Parque Miami

USF Recreio da Borda do Campo – Avenida Mico Leão Dourado, 2452 – RBC

US / USF Parque Andreense – Rua Ibertioga, s/nº – Parque Andreense

US / USF Paranapiacaba – Avenida Ford, s/nº – Paranapiacaba


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