Sanz Lovatón says Customs was buying “400 thousand pesos in coffee stirring sticks”

The general director of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, denounced that the institution he directs was spending RD $ 400,000 on “coffee stirring sticks.”

During an interview with journalist Pablo McKinney, The public official said that while reviewing the Customs spending item, he found this peculiar expense, and that during the two weeks he has been running the institution, he has not seen even one of the coffee stirrer sticks.

“I drink coffee three or four times a day and I have not seen a stick of those,” revealed Sanz Lovatón.

In this situation, The official commented that he went to several desks of other people in the institution to know if they used these sticks “but nobody told me about the coffee stirrer sticks”.

“So I called the purchasing manager and said ‘brother, look, I didn’t buy that, or where are the coffee stirrer sticks?’ but that’s just one item, “he said.

Since the arrival of the new authorities to the different institutions public, several of them have reported having found bulky and unusual expenses.


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