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Saoirse Ronan fights free in Lady Bird – That’s what they say critic

The solo directorial debut Lady Bird by Greta Gerwig collected five Oscar nominations. What the critics say about the coming-of-age movie with Saoirse Ronan you can read here.

Christine McPherson Saoirse Ronan ) lives in Sacramento, California and is pretty sorry. She wants to go to the East Coast, where, in her opinion, there is still cultural life. Christine is creatively gifted, which is why she calls herself the name Lady Bird from now on, in the shadow of her mother Marion ( Laurie Metcalf ) to live. So Lady Bird decides to find a way out of what she sees as a bleak life. Within a year she wants to conquer her own artistic and private freedom. For example, she wants to go to a prestigious college, even though she and her family know she has little chance of being accepted there. But against every resistance she now wants to go her own way. She is assisted not only by her family, but also by her family

best friend Julie Steffans (Beanie Feldstein) and two young men (Lucas Hedges and Timothée Chalamet).

The hard facts about Lady Bird

  • 33 reviews with an average of 7.8
  • 370 community ratings with an average of 7.5
  • 16 reviews and 28 comments
  • 786 reservations, 7 are not interested

This is what the English-speaking critics say to Lady Bird

Donald Clarke of the Irish Times thinks that

Lady Bird

  really revived due to its simple narrative style:

One element that makes Lady Bird’s genius is that he keeps trying to bring Lady Bird’s point of view. But the film does even more: Without having to resort to a sweeping voice over, Lady Bird gives us the impression of a life that you remember after a few decades back.

For The Telegraph -Author Tim Robey are the treasures of Lady Bird in detail:

Matching its title, Lady Bird is about a nest: about every little twig that later makes a big nest. The film shows us what it means and costs to fly out of this nest, both for the parents and for the children. The details are in those little twigs, and if Greta Gerwig is capable of all that in her first solo directorial debut, who knows what woodwork she’ll make us next.

For Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian put a lot of declarations of love in Lady Bird:

Greta Gerwig’s debut as an author filmmaker is an incredibly funny and wistful autobiographical coming-of-age comedy. Lady Bird is a love letter to her hometown of Sacramento, California, her passionate and controlling mother, and her own idiotic teenage self.

That’s what the German-speaking critics say to Lady Bird

Gaby Sikorski of Programmkino is convinced of everything that Lady Bird has to offer:

[…] The story about Christine, called Lady Bird, is told as realistically as it is enchantingly, she is outstandingly played, the dialogues are funny, laconic and touching, the pictures are natural. In a nutshell, this extremely likeable film is convincing in every way and could develop into a hit with the cinema spring. He is already a highlight.

Also Alexandra Seitz from EPD movie agrees with the previous speaker:

Of course, Gerwig has done with Saoirse Ronan in the title role and Laurie Metcalf in the role of the mother two real luck and committed actresses who succeed excellently, the traditionally conflictual relationship between mother and daughter multi-faceted, while always believable and engaging. Last but not least, ‘LADY BIRD’ is a pleasingly unexcited film about successful female self-empowerment – whose rebellious heroine also sets a good role model.

Cinema-time -Author Sonja Hartl joins the hymn of praise:

In these characters, images and moments are very much love and affection – and above all a true core. It is he who makes Lady Bird a sight-seeing and almost irresistible film. Surely the script is made up of all sorts of clever and funny dialogues, but rarely has female coming-of-age been credibly put on the screen. Because Lady Bird is so self-confident in some areas of her life – in her sexuality, her appearance – and then again amazingly naive […].

Conclusion to Lady Bird

From the critics there is not a bad word to report to Lady Bird. Saoirse Ronan’s account of Christine McPherson / Lady Bird is praised in the highest regard, as is Greta Gerwig’s first solo work as a director. Not only does the film make a lot on the surface, the many small details also contribute to the greatness of Lady Birds, making the coming-of-age drama into a unique and sensitive cinematic experience that you should definitely see. With the positive criticism voices nothing should stand in the way of the cinema visit.

Will you watch Lady Bird in the cinema?

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