Satirical news site removes article about violence in Urk after threats | NOW

The satirical news site Newsspaal has been threatened by about fifteen people after they published an article in which they ridiculed the violent events surrounding the Sion Church in Urk. They then decided to remove the relevant piece from their website.

In response to the journalists who were attacked by churchgoers on Sunday, the website posted an article entitled Jesus threatens to boycott Easter because of violent Christians Urk.

“Then the editors received from Newsspaal Swearing guns and several serious threats from the Christian corner “, the editorial team said on Tuesday. About fifteen people have ordered the removal of the article via WhatsApp and the telephone.” Otherwise the threats would ‘come and have a cup of coffee’ at the editorial office. “

Newsspaalpublisher Antoine Holl takes the threats seriously, despite the fact that it is an article of a satirical nature. “We see freedom of the press and freedom of expression as important values ​​in our country, but the security of our editorial team is paramount.”

It was then decided to remove the article. “Apparently an obvious comic intended article is enough to get the Urkers to anger.”

The editors are considering filing a report. In response, they let know that the threats are no reason to exclude articles on this topic in the future. “We have to determine per situation whether an article is possible or not.”

Several journalists assaulted

Despite the corona measures, the Sion Church opened its doors on Sunday and various media tried to ask questions to the attending churchgoers after the service. Almost without exception, the churchgoers reacted very dismissively to this.

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Reporter Mark Baanders of broadcaster PowNed was even attacked and later hit by a churchgoer. A 35-year-old man from Urk was arrested by the police on Sunday on suspicion of driving into the journalist and is still detained. Monday, two more men (26 and 28 years old) were arrested from that place.

A journalist from RTV Rijnmond was also assaulted. This happened in front of the Mieraskerk in Krimpen aan den IJssel. A suspect in that case has been arrested.


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