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Saubermacher Battery Service Cares …

More than 33,000 e-cars were registered throughout Austria in the previous year, around 200 tonnes of used batteries from e-mobility accumulated during the year, with a more upward trend in both cases. Professional handling and disposal is a challenge and has significantly changed the daily operations of car workshops, dealers and importers. In Styria, a starter offers the appropriate service for professional handling and disposal.

Although conventional tasks such as changing the engine oil or toothed belt are no longer necessary with e-cars, handling high-voltage batteries requires specially trained personnel, large investments in equipment and infrastructure and an overview of the change or new . emerging legal regulations. This is where the subscriptions to the newly founded Saubermacher battery service, specifically developed for e-mobility, come into play. The start, from a cross-industry initiative by Saubermacher, Denzel and Porsche Austria, was unveiled on Thursday.

Founded in April 2022, the company offers tailor-made subscription services for garages, dealers and importers: the offer ranges from professional collection organizations, disposable damaged and non-damaged electric vehicle batteries and special equipment for training courses and specific consulting services. 24/7 emergency assistance was also provided. The goal is an overall sustainable solution for the e-machine industry in Austria and Europe, as it said on Thursday.

A quarantine container was also developed for damaged electronic vehicles. If necessary, this can be available throughout Austria in a few hours, so that the car workshops would save themselves investment in their own construction measures. In the containers, the sensors detect an increase in temperature at an early stage and protect employees from possible damage in the event of a battery fire.

Saubermacher battery services are managed by Bernhard Stark, CFO of Denzel, and Thomas Haid, chief of the Saubermacher division. Saubermacher AG Battery Skills Center is based in Premstätten near Graz. “This cross-industry cooperation is unique in Europe with a clear commitment to the circular economy”, emphasizes Hans Roth, founder of the Feldkirchen-based landfill and recycling company Saubermacher AG near Graz. “Great opportunities are often accompanied by challenges, such as professional disposal. In the field of e-mobility, too, the goal must be to gradually establish the recycling economy in addition to environmentally friendly drives,” said Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler. (separate / red)

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