Save 12 SAS Soldiers in Afghanistan, This Pair of Dogs Wins a Medal of Courage


LONDON – A pair British special forces dog received a medal of bravery after saving the lives of 12 SAS soldiers in Afghanistan.

The two highly trained Belgian Malinoi dogs were pulled from Afghanistan hours before the capital, Kabul, fell to the Taliban.

The animal – known as a land shark by its handlers – is known to have killed at least six rebels while supporting the work of the British special forces.

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In one of their last missions earlier this year, the dogs played a key role in capturing a commander described as a “high-value target”.

The animals fought six Taliban gunmen. Both of them received shrapnel wounds but only stopped attacking when their handler gave a signal.

“All the special forces dogs are amazing. They accompany the SAS in every operation and have saved the lives of dozens of soldiers. They would have gotten a medal of bravery if they were soldiers, so there’s a good chance they would get some kind of recognition,” a source said.

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“They’re brilliant for morals. Dogs know all men and don’t like anything better than having their stomachs rubbed and their ears tickled.”


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