Sawan requested the execution of 32 people who participated in the Tripoli events

In two indictments issued today, Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawan requested the death penalty for two groups, including 32 people, including 3 detainees who participated in the Tripoli events. Killing security personnel while performing their duties and possessing weapons in accordance with Articles 335, 549 and 549/201 penalties Articles 2-5-6 of Law 11/1/1958 and 72 weapons.

And the first group includes 18 people, including the arrested Hussein Ahmed, and the second includes 14 people, including two detainees, one of whom is Jalal Al-Hajji. The two groups were known by the name of each of the aforementioned detainees. He issued an arrest warrant against each of them and referred them to the Permanent Military Court for trial.


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