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Saxony will gradually open schools on April 20

by drbyos

NEven before Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers discuss the next steps to contain the coronavirus next Wednesday, the government of Saxony has already announced the gradual opening of its schools on April 20. Despite the Corona crisis, the federal state is sticking to the planned examination dates for high school and secondary and vocational schools.

The written exams begin on April 22, as the minister of culture Christian Piwarz (CDU) said on Thursday after the cabinet meeting in Dresden. In preparation for grades 10, 12 and 13, the schools will reopen on April 20. How it will go with the other classes will be decided next week. At the moment, however, according to Piwarz, there are some indications that they cannot return yet.

“An emergency school of whatever kind is not an option for us,” emphasized the minister. The students should be able to take their exams in a good atmosphere and under fair conditions. Piwarz pointed out that there was enough space and teachers available to receive protective masks, and disinfectants were also made available. Students should also think about wearing protective masks and keep their distance on the way to the exam.

Piwarz campaigned to write the Abitur on the regular first date. In a different way than usual, there are still choices. For example, those who did not feel able to do so at the first appointment could rewrite the entire Abitur or individual exams without submitting a certificate for the regular night appointment from May 13th. And sufferers would have the option of a third appointment in June – with a certificate.

Student approval

In view of the Corona-related school-free time, in contrast to the rest of the time, the second correction will also take place at school. “The teachers know which material they may not have treated and it is possible to assess their performance individually,” said Piwarz. He announced that he would set up an advice center for questions from parents and students. Piwarz sees no particular need for regulation for the oral exams. They took place much later and were organized by the schools. “It’s a high school diploma in difficult times, but we strive for the best conditions and fair evaluation,” said the minister.

State student spokeswoman Joanna Kesicka said about the green light for the Abi on Thursday evening: “It is a difficult but correct decision.” Kesicka: “The second appointment is a good offer. But it doesn’t automatically have to be the best solution for everyone. If you have planned your preparation with the current dates, you should consider choosing the first date. “


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