Scared tennis champion! An explosion at the stadium could mean good luck in misfortune

Aryna Sabalenková went into the match with the world tennis number one Ashley Barty with great respect. At the tournament in Madrid, Barty was sovereign, as she won 16 clay matches in a row. But in the final, she had to face Belarus for 23 years. But she was really scared during the closing ceremony.

Bernat Armangue, ČTK / AP

Sabalenkova started the final match in an unbelievable way. She gave the world number one right at the beginning of the canary. Barty flew into the second set with the desire to break the development of the match, and she succeeded. She broke her opponent right at the beginning and won the second set with a ratio of 6: 3.

In the third set, none of the opponents wanted to make a mistake. They carefully guarded their serve, but Barty did not keep him at 4: 4 and offered the Belarusians to serve the match. She took advantage of her offer and ended the fight with a clean game.

Sabalenková was very happy with her 10th title in her career and the first in clay, she even performed a small celebratory dance. During the closing ceremony, she picked up a glass vase for the winner and was about to pose for the photographers, but there was an explosion.

Fortunately, it was just an explosion of confetti, but Sabalenka was terrified. She almost dropped the vase, but as they say, shards bring good luck. Even so, she is probably happy to take tangible proof of her triumph from Madrid for her first clay win in addition to her memories.

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