Schiller is frightened by Milaknis’ injury, worried about the impending fatigue of other players

On Tuesday, the guests were able to fiercely resist half of the match, and in the second half, holding a spurt 12: 0, they even grabbed “Žalgiris” by the throat.

But Crvena Zvezda’s intense defense burned fuel in the virus-pierced tank and foul reserves, and the minimal player rotation caused a great headache for coach Dejan Radonjic, all of which inevitably led to the sixth consecutive failure in the Euroleague.

M. Schiller had a headache due to the defense of the pupils at the perimeter, but after the break the people of Žalgiris improved it, and the Serbs themselves began to tremble with fatigue. In the third quarter, the hosts spent 14 points in their basket, and in the last – 4 points.

At that time on the other side of the square 15 min. exemplary Marius Grigonis managed to score the usual 17 points and 6 assists during the rest of the match. Nigel Hayes helped him the best this time – in the first half, the American, who scored 10 points, finished with 16 points and 5 rebounds.

After the match, M. Schiller probably mentioned the standings for the first time – he called the victory against one of the outsiders very important in this aspect.

“I really enjoyed defending in the second half of the match. During the break, we made some adjustments: we better controlled the situations when the pick and pop defenders created opportunities for Mark Simonovičius by centering and playing. Our defense was better balanced after the break, “commented the Austrians.

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However, he did not manage to balance the burden on leaders so well. M. Grigonis played for 36 minutes, Thomas Walkup and N. Hayes spent almost half an hour on the field.

Mr Schiller explained that he did not want to plant the basketball players who were running on the bench, and that there was one uncontrollable circumstance.

A. Milaknis played only 8 min. in the first half of the match and no more on the parquet.

According to Schiller, the defender’s aggravated groin pain has worsened since the start of the season. The coach said he did not know what their reason was, only stressed that no injection of painkillers had helped this time.

“He could not normally prepare for this match, I’m not sure if I will go to Madrid with us. We will deal with this tomorrow.

I always care about rotation, how minutes are distributed to players. The schedule will now be tight. Lukas Lekavičius was missing, he is very happy that he has returned, because due to his speed he can change the course of the match on his own. Patricio Garino is also moving forward, already playing one-on-one and two-on-two in training. But I am faced with such cases, so I have no illusions. Optimistically, he will join in May at the earliest. After all, Patricio has not played for a year and a half – not only his several are important here, but also the skills of a basketball player. Therefore, we are very conservative.

All the problems in rotation start with Patricio’s loss, but there is, as it is. Everything will be fine. Our athletic training and medical department is working very well, we have not had any muscle injuries throughout the season. After all, Patricio has already arrived injured, and Steve Vasturia has faced an opponent, “M. Schiller said.

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The match with Belgrade was scheduled to take place in early February, but was postponed due to an outbreak of coronavirus at a Serb club. On Tuesday in Kaunas, Crvena Zvezda had only ten players – Corey Walden, Langston Hall, Duop Reath, Landry Nnok, Quino Colom were missing, as well as Johnny O’Bryant, who had already left the team due to the conflict with D. Radonjičius.

In his turn, Lukas Lekavičius, who had not escaped the infection, returned to the ranks of Žalgiris.

Kaunas won the first team confrontation last October 75:69. The general history of mutual meetings in the Euroleague is also more favorable for Žalgiris – 8: 4.

On Thursday, Schiller’s students will visit the Real Fortress in Madrid, Crvena Zvezda will also travel to Spain and on Friday will fight with Vitoria’s Baskonia.

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