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School of headless teacher France received threats

The school near Paris where the teacher who was killed in an attack yesterday worked, has recently received several threats. The French anti-terrorist prosecutor has announced this at a press conference.

The victim, 47-year-old Samuel Paty, was beheaded with a knife near the school, possibly because he showed cartoons about the prophet Mohammed in a lesson.

“There was a conflict about this at school. Muslim parents have spoken with the management and filed a complaint with the police,” said correspondent Frank Renout. “The father of one of the students posted a video online to the effect that this bastard should never teach again.”

Residence permit

The 18-year-old perpetrator of the attack was a Chechen born in Moscow. He was a political refugee and received a French residence permit in March of this year. The intelligence services did not know him. “He also didn’t live in the town where it happened and didn’t go to school,” says Renout.

Yesterday, according to the prosecution, he spoke to students of the school in the street and asked them to designate the teacher. Witnesses heard him shout “Allahu akbar”. Immediately after his act, he posted a photo of the victim’s head on Twitter. Moments after, he was arrested by the police shot dead. The photo has since been removed from the social medium.

Islamic State

A number of family members and friends of the perpetrator have also been arrested. The half-sister of one of the suspects has joined the terrorist group Islamic State in the past. It is being investigated whether there is a connection, says Renout. “The question is whether this 18-year-old acted alone, whether he got help, or whether he acted on someone’s behalf.”

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